Algebra 1

Monday, September 26:
In class today, you completed the 6 TRAITS WRITING ESSAY, which made it difficult to spend much time on learning Algebra. You were given a worksheet to complete for homework, images of which can be seen here:

Thursday, September 22:
Learning Goals: Strengthening the ability to simplify expressions while observing the rules for the Order of Operations
Homework: Students, you worked on solving problems that were aligned with your learning goals for today in inside the classroom. For homework, please finish all problems on the worksheets. Rain and Cho, you were given a set of higher-level word problems to solve.

Tuesday, September 20:
Learning Goals: Adding integers and rational numbers; and Subtracting integers and rational numbers
Homework: 3 Chapter 2-Lesson 2 worksheets were handed-out in class and you were given a fair amount of time to work on these. Your homework is to complete them.

Friday, September 15:
In class today, you were shown your Chapter 1 test results. Some of you indicated that you would like the chance to take a re-test. A re-test will be offered to a selected number of Algebra 1 students on Tuesday, September 19.
Homework for today:

Wednesday, September 14:
Today, you completed the Chapter 1 Test.

Friday, September 9:
Learning Goal: Getting ready for the Chapter 1 Test
Today, after checking answers to your homework, you will be going to the computer lab to take on-line “self-check” quizzes for each of the nine, Chapter 1 lessons.

Instructions: CLICK HERE to open the self-check quiz taking link.
1. With your textbook, pencil, and scratch-paper, carefully complete each of the short quizzes. Write down each lesson score on your homework paper. If you do not like your score, go ahead … take the test again. Different problems will automatically be given to you.
2. After completing the nine quizzes, you can either (1) begin your homework worksheet; or you may instead choose to browse through your Algebra 1 video tutorials on your class web-page. Your choice.

Wednesday, September 6:
Learning Goals: Analyze data given in tables and graphs (bar, line, and circle); and determine whether graphs are misleading

Homework: Complete odd numbers under “Practice and Apply” (13-21) beginning on page 54; and, if you’re unsatisfied with your quiz score today, do “Maintain Your Skills” on page 55.

Monday, September 5:
Learning Goals: Interpret graphs of functions; and Draw graphs of functions
Assignment: Four Chapter 1, Lesson 8 worksheets were started by you inside the classroom. Your assignment is to finish a minimum of three. But if time permits, you’re welcome to try completing all four.
Worksheets: 1-8 Study Guide and Intervention (Graphs and Functions); Skills Practice (Graphs and Functions); Practice (Graphs and Functions); and Enrichment (The Digits of pi)

Thursday, September 1:
Learning Goals: Identify the hypothesis and conclusion in a conditional statement; and Use a counterexample to show that an assertion is false.

Alg 1 1-7 Logical Reasoning slides
Homework: Finish the 1-7 Practice Logical Reasoning and 1-7 Enrichment Counterexamples (WORKSHEETS) that you began in class, and … open and answer:

Homework: Complete the following PDF attachment:
Alg 1 Homework-Thurs,Sept 1

Tuesday, August 30
Learning Goals: Recognize the Commutative and Associative Properties; and Use the Commutative and Associative Properties to simplify expressions
Homework: Complete worksheets started in class; and do problems 22, 24, 26, 32, 36, 42, 43, and 47 on pages 34 and 35 in your textbook.
NEED HELP? Click HERE! And HERE too!

Friday, August 25
Learning Goals: Using the Distributive Property to evaluate expressions; Using the Distributive Property to simplify expressions
Homework: Use textbook pages 30 and 31; do 15-38 odd-numbered problems. PLUS…review your “practice” quiz if you did not do well on it.
NEED HELP? Click: Algebra 1 lesson 1-5 Distributive Property

Wednesday, August 23:
Learning Goals: Solving Open Sentence Equations; and Solving open sentence inequalities
Homework: Use textbook pages 19 and 20, and complete 15-25 odd-numbered problems; 26, 27, 28, 45, 46.