Algebra 2

CHAPTER TWO in PDF format…Alg 2 Chapter 2 Student Textbook

Tuesday, September 27:
In class today, we revisited lessons 2, 3, and 4 in Chapter 2 – and did some friendly-competition problem exercises with some selected problems from these same lessons.
Homework: As we discussed, you are to CHOOSE 10 PROBLEMS (your 10 problems should come from problems in your textbook that are showing in the first four lessons in Chapter 2) to complete. Be prepared to show your answers and workings to Mr. Jack
Also…You are required to get a parent signature on your most recent Progress Report and return to Mr. Jack

Friday, September 23:
In class today, time was used for you to complete your MATH – 6 TRAITS OF WRITING ESSAY, which took up most of the class period. For homework, you were given the following worksheet for use in strengthening your ability to evaluate and simplify algebraic and numeric expressions:

Solutions for Friday, Sept 23 homework part 1 – CLICK HERE.

Solutions for Fri Sept 23 homwork 2

Wednesday, September 21:

Learning Goals: Write an equation of a line given the slope and a point on the line; and… Write an equation of aline parallel or perpendicular to a given line
In class today you took a short Quiz. The solutions for this quiz can be seen here:

Homework: On pages 78-80, Do problems 13, 15, (19-33 odd numbers), 35, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45, and 49-54

Monday, September 19:
Learning Goals: Finding and using the SLOPE of a line; Graphing parallel and perpendicular lines
Homework: Complete odd-numbered problems under “EXERCISES” in the following document:
Alg 2 McDougal Littell Finding Slope

Alg 2 Chapt 2-3 slides</a>

Thursday, September 15:
Learning Goals: Equations – Identify linear equations and functions; Write linear equations in standard form and graph them.
Homework: Complete 2-2 Study Guide and Intervention (Linear Equations) and 2-2 Study Guide and Intervention Linear Equations worksheets
Algebra 2 Homework – Thursday Sept 15 – ANSWERS
NEED HELP? CLICK HERE to visit the algebasics webpage for help with better understanding linear equations.


Monday, September 13:
Learning Goals: Identify linear equations and functions; and Write linear equations in standard form and graph them


Thursday, September 8:
Learning Goals: Analyzing relations and functions

Homework: Complete even numbers beginning – on pages 60-62; even numbered problems only
Chapter re-take test (for those who have chosen to do so) is scheduled for next Tuesday.
Tuesday, September 6:
In class today, you completed the Chapter 1 test. On Thursday, your graded tests will be returned; at which time you will reflect upon your performance.
Homework for today: Complete page 55 in your textbook.
Friday, September 2:
Learning Goals: Chapter 1 Review and Test Preparation

Part One: In class, you were given time to complete the Chapter 1 “SELF-CHECK QUIZZES” related to Chapter 1 content. For each self-check quiz, you were told to keep track and to write down your score results (for each of the lesson quizzes). You were also told to first self-test yourself on lessons in Chapter 1 you think you have the most difficulty with, and then to complete the other lesson “Self-Check” quizzes if time during class permits. You are expected to record your results for each “Self-Check” quiz on your homework sheet. The Chapter 1 “SELF-CHECK QUIZZES” can be accessed here…
Part Two: Complete the blue-colored Chapter 1 Quiz (for practice) that was handed out to you in class. ANSWERS CAN BE SEEN HERE…

Reminder: Your CHAPTER 1 TEST is scheduled for Tuesday, September 6.


Wednesday, August 31:
In class this afternoon, you completed Quiz 2 (covering Chapter 1, Lessons 4 and 5 content). Our last lesson in Chapter 1 (Lesson 1-6) covers the learning topic of: SOLVING COMPOUND and ABSOLUTE VALUE INEQUALITIES


Homework: CHOOSE 3 PROBLEMS to complete from the following list:
Solve each inequality. And graph the solution on a number line. Again…choose only 3 to complete.



Homework for Monday, August 29:
Learning Goal: Solving Inequalities (Lesson 1-5)
Do odd numbered problems on pages 37, 38, 39), and show all work.
Quiz (covering Chapter 1 lessons three through five) is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31.
And … click help in solving inequality problems with absolute values
MORE help? Try: Absolute Value Inequalities

Alg 1 Solutions for Fri., Aug 25 Homework