Thursday, September 29:
Learning Goals: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Homework: odd-numbered problems 17-59 on pages 106 and 107

Tuesday, September 27:
In class today, you completed your 6 TRAITS OF WRITING ESSAY FOR MATH.
Homework: Do all odd-numbered problems under Practice & Apply on pages 101 and 102 in Chapter 3, lesson one.

Friday, September 23:
In class today, you completed a test on Chapter 2, and were handed-out a worksheet for you to try that is related to simplifying expressions:

Wednesday, September 21:
To help you prepare for the upcoming Chapter 2 Test,
Go to: THIS LINK (CLICK!!) Then click on Chapter 2, and work through each of the self-quizzes. Record your score. And, if you’re unhappy with your score, try the quiz again.

Monday, September 19:
Learning Goals: Study Guide and Review of Chapter 2
Homework: Practice Test on page 93

Thursday, September 15:
Learning Goals: Graphing points on a coordinate plane; and Graph algebraic relationships
Practice and Apply – pages 88 and 89
Problems 19, 21, 29, 31, 33, 37, 39, 43, 44,
45, 47, 50, 51
AND…complete steps for the Absolute Value
Monday, September 12:
Learning Goals: Comparing, ordering, subtracting, adding, multiplying, and dividing integers; and finding the absolute value of an expression

Thursday, September 8:
In class today, you completed the Chapter 1 test. For homework, please do page 55 in your textbook titled “Getting Started”. This is a pre-requisite skills check to be used as an introduction to our next chapter, Chapter two.

Tuesday, September 6:
Learning Goals: Chapter 1 Review and Test Preparation

Part One: In class, you were given time to complete the Chapter 1 “SELF-CHECK QUIZZES” related to Chapter 1 content. For each self-check quiz, you were told to keep track and to write down your score results (for each of the lesson quizzes). You were also told to first self-test yourself on lessons in Chapter 1 you think you have the most difficulty with, and then to complete the other lesson “Self-Check” quizzes if time during class permits. You are expected to record your results for each “Self-Check” quiz on your homework sheet. The Chapter 1 “SELF-CHECK QUIZZES” can be accessed here…

At home assignment – Complete this CHAPTER 1 PRACTICE TEST…

Friday, September 2:
Learning Goals: Scatter Plots-Constructing and Interpreting them.
Homework: Complete worksheets that were begun in class; and do all even numbered problems on pages 43 and 44.
Important dates ahead…Practice Test on Chapter 1 next Tuesday, Sept 6, and the real Chapter 1 Test is scheduled for Thursday!

Wednesday, August 31:
Learning Goals: Use ordered pairs to locate points; and … Use tables and graphs to represent relations
Homework: 12-48 EVEN NUMBERED PROBLEMS Pages 36-38

Homework for Monday, August 29:
Learning Goal: Variables and Equations; Identify and solve open sentences, and translate verbal sentences into equations
Complete: Textbook Pages 31 and 32: Odd numbers for problems 1-73. This assignment was started in class.

Heads-up!… There will be a Quiz based upon the content learned in lessons four and five.

Need help? Click: Pre-Algebra Lesson 1-5 help